In My Mailbox 1/8/12

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Have you read any of these?

6 responses to “In My Mailbox 1/8/12

  1. Awesome books! Not gonna lie… the teacup on Why We Broke Up… all this time I thought it was a hat lmao. Hope you enjoy all of these, happy reading!

  2. Great selection! I can't wait to read Switched by Amanda Hocking – there's been so much positive press about it. And I can't really imagine Why We Broke Up from the same author (albeit, different "name") who wrote A Series of Unfortunate Events. MadelineCanvas Between the Margins Book Blog

  3. I love The Ting Tings! I'm looking forward to Why We Broke Up. Only time will tell when I actually get to it though 😛

  4. How did you know that was Lemony Snicket's real name!!! So awesome and now I totally want to read it. I didn't like Series of Unfortunate events but you can't deny he's a witty guy and I can't wait to read something else of his. Thanks so much for the vlog!My IMM

  5. @ JessicaI heard a while ago that his name was Daniel, and then I saw on that he was the writer of WHY WE BROKE UP and then I looked on goodreads and it seems to support that.

  6. ooh switched is really good I just read it a few weeks ago! Awesome haul!GiselleXpresso Reads

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