The Week of August 1st 2011 (IMM)

Even though this week I didn’t get anything in my mailbox or go to any events I did have a fairly exciting week. On Thursday I spent nearly all morning and afternoon on my computer for six hours waiting for the Pottermore day five clue to be posted so I could possibly get early access to pottermore.

After those six hours of complete…nothing I suddenly noticed that the page had changed, and after six hours you can imagine that made me very excited! The clue?

What is the house number of the Order of the Phoenix headquarters? Multiply that number by 21.

I followed the instructions and finally I have been granted early access to Pottermore which will be out in October. I don’t know when exactly I will be recieveing my welcome letter to Pottermore, but stay tuned, that will surely be shared.

Since this would normally be and IMM if I had one please share your IMM links in the comments, I love looking at them. Thanks!


One response to “The Week of August 1st 2011 (IMM)

  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing all about Pottermore!

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