Review: Abandon

Abandon, By Meg Cabot

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Though she tries returning to the life she knew before the accident, Pierce can’t help but feel at once a part of this world, and apart from it. Yet she’s never alone . . . because someone is always watching her. Escape from the realm of the dead is impossible when someone there wants you back.
But now she’s moved to a new town. Maybe at her new school, she can start fresh. Maybe she can stop feeling so afraid.
Only she can’t. Because even here, he finds her. That’s how desperately he wants her back. She knows he’s no guardian angel, and his dark world isn’t exactly heaven, yet she can’t stay away . . . especially since he always appears when she least expects it, but exactly when she needs him most.
But if she lets herself fall any further, she may just find herself back in the one place she most fears: the Underworld.

First Reaction
I like this book mainly because the story is told in a different way than I am used to. Most books I read the story is told as it happens, but this story is mainly told in the past tense.
I picked it up mainly because I had heard that this was Meg Cabot’s first paranormal book, and I am a big fan of Paranormal. I have not read any of Meg’s other books, but if they are anything like this one I can imagine they are very good.


Pierce: Two years ago Pierce died- and came back to life, after seeing the after life and a man, one that will no longer leave her alone.
John: The man Pierce meets when she’s dead. (Will not reveal more to avoid spoilers)

This book seemed to spend a lot of time explaining everything, so I felt like very little was accomplished in the story. It makes sense that they would explain the past of the characters, but when nothing really happened until the end, it began to get a bit dry.
The story may have been written better if they had done the story in present tense instead of past tense.

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