Comming soon: Crossed by Ally Condie

All you matched fans better get ready for the second book in the series, Crossed.
Matched Review:
Matched is one of my favorite futuristic books told in the view of 17 year old Cassia who lives in a perfect society. The Society chooses everything for you from your food to whom you marry and where you work. Cassia has always believed in the society, and when her best friend Xavier is chosen to be her match she believes he is perfect, but when she sees another face on the matching screen she begins to wonder, is Xavier her true match?

Matched Rating
Story: 85/100
Speed: 70/100

Originality: 87/100

Crossed comes out  November 1, 2011 and you can count on a review from me. Can’t wait to get a copy!


One response to “Comming soon: Crossed by Ally Condie

  1. Right there with ya! I'd love to get an ARC of this book!

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